Cruise tips #2

Yesterday we ended by talking about food. Today let’s start there.

  • Cruise ships may give small portions when it comes to the dishes they serve at their restaurants. But another thing that you will want to keep in mind is that most cruise ships are going to have at least one buffet. And you will be able to visit as often as you would like. These are often opened even late at night in case you need food after enjoying the shows or whatever.
  • Some cruises are going to have drink packages. You will want to know exactly what is included in these deals and what isn’t be sure to get refills on your drinks right before you leave the restaurant.
  • So let’s say that somehow things get crazy right before your trip and you forget to bring your booze. Is there any way you can get adult beverages without spending a fortune? Your best bet is to buy a round for your friends.
  • Sometimes cruises will allow you to bring your own sodas and juices. This is probably less expensive than buying a drinks package. You will need to check with your cruiseline to make sure of their policies. Or I can help you figure that out when you book through me.

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