Cruise tips #3

We’ve been talking about cruises and ways you can save money. Let’s get back to that discussion.

  • First, most cruise ships are going to have spas with all kinds of treatments you can enjoy. To save money on this, you will want to wait until towards the end of your cruise to indulge. The reason to do this is that they’re likely to put treatments on half price at the end of your cruise.
  • Okay, at the risk of sounding self seeking, please talk to me about your hopes for your next cruise. I’m always getting e-mail about cruise specials. I may also be able to get you extra perks.
  • Do you feel like messing around on the internet? You might want to look around. A lot of cruiselines have gift cards that are available if you look in the right place.
  • Most the time you are going to only be in your room to sleep and do your grooming. Having a large room with this beautiful view is going to be completely unnecessary. You will be having way too much fun to want to be in your room.
  • Go on and try to book your excursions before your cruise, that’s another way you can save. And I can help you book these excursions if you do book early.
  • There will also be free things you can do in the ports you stop in. Walk around the beach. Walk around the town, you can window shop without it costing you anything. The one exception to this might be if you are touring somewhere where you might be in potential danger. A way around this might be to get a group together that wants to do to a free tour together.
  • Some people like to eat in the ports they stop in. But that is going to cost you money. But remember that you can eat on your ship at no extra cost.
  • Like a lot of merchants these days, many cruiselines are going to have loyalty programs. You will be able to get deal with and perks when you join a cruise loyalty program.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this.


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