Tips for traveling with kids #1


Okay, most of us feel like the best part of the trip is spending time at your actual destination. Getting there is often not fun. Today let’s look at some tips that might make the travel time more bearable, especially for the little ones in your family.

First, please bring snacks on any adventure you take. If it is going to be a long trip, you will want to bring a good variety of snacks. Bring snacks that your kids will consider special. Bring something nice for the adults as well.

  • I said to bring snacks that everyone will enjoy, but you don’t want to bring too many sugary snacks. You don’t want your children bouncing off the walls whether you’re driving or flying.
  • Families with children tend to sit in the back of airplane. This works well for a couple of reasons. Other people will thank you for trying to keep the noise in one place. You will also be near the bathrooms.
  • Kids are going to get bored on long trips. I know that a lot of parents want to limit the amount of time their children are on screens. But a trip is one place you may want to bend the rules. Hopefully once you reach your destination, your children will have plenty to do and won’t want screentime.
  • Flying early in the morning may be one of the best ideas ever. This is the least popular time to fly. So you won’t be fighting as many crowds. You may get a discounted flight. And your children might even sleep some on the way.
  • Noise cancelling earphones are always a good idea for anyone. Bringing them for children might help them sleep. It will also help when they play on the tablets.

We are going to discuss this more tomorrow. I would love to know your thoughts.

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