Planning the perfect beach trip #2

Sometimes people just need to get away to a beach somewhere. Often they aren’t looking to do anything big, they aren’t wanting to go to a lot of different places, all they want is to relax on a beach somewhere. So let’s get back to discussing how to plan the perfect beach vacation.

  • If you do not leave near a beach, you might want to consider flying. If you’re concerned about the cost of tickets, a lot of credit cards are now offering airline miles. Airlines also offer deals.
  • Air is not the only thing you can get good deals on. A lot of the hotel chains offer loyalty programs where you can get free nights and special amenities. Some credit cards will also help with hotel stays and may even allow you to stay in a resort at a discounted rate. You can scour the internet for deals. Or you could let me help you figure out how to get a great deal.
  • Another thing you’ll need to think through is where you want? Do you want to stay in a hotel/resort where someone else is going to handle all the cleaning and possibly most of the food preparation? Or would you rather get a condo where your family will have to share responsibilities, but may have some more privacy. Condos can be great for families with little ones. They can also be wonderful if you have several smaller families getting together.
  • Which beach do you want to go to? Would you be willing to leave the United States? There are some beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. This place is made up of hundreds of islands, each with its own culture.

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