Planning the perfect beach trip #3

Think about some of your favorite trips growing up. Did you and your family go to the beach each summer? Or maybe a group of your friends went to the beach each year. Often people find the beach to be a very relaxing vacation. Let’s look at some more tips today.

  • Yesterday we ended with talking about how the Caribbean has some of the most gorgeous beaches around. But the truth is that there are some beautiful beaches right here in the United States.
  • Unless you live in the middle of our great country, you are going to find a beach within driving distance. Turn your beach trip into a road trip for your family..
  • One thing I know many home school families consider to be a huge blessing is to be able to travel whenever you want. If you are able to be flexible in your vacation time, consider going in the late spring or any time in the fall. You are going to be able to save a lot of money. You are also going to beat the crowds this way.
  • Do you want to do something a little different for your beach trip? Consider taking a cruise. Cruises do not have to be expensive at all. In fact, some cruises quite inexpensive. And cruises are always exploring the Caribbean and other exotic beach locations.
  • Are you looking for a luxurious vacation? There are a lot of five star resorts that are on beaches. Many of these places are going to pamper you at every turn. And don’t worry, these places are going to be on the most beautiful beaches on earth.

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