Beaches #2

Fall is going to be here before you know it. If it’s time to plan one more beach trip before life returns to its busy normal, here some suggestions that you might want to try.

  • Is your definition of a great beach trip somewhere you can shop until you drop? If so, consider going to the Cayman islands. Here you are going to find tax and duty-free shopping. This is also a very popular place for cruise ships to stop.
  • Another extremely popular place is Cancun. You should have no problem getting there no matter where you live. They also have plenty of resorts you can choose from. And there’s all kinds of entertainment you can choose from.
  • Ochos Rios, Jamaica has a lot of attractions whether you’re a nature lover, or love the beach with all the glitz and glamour. Nature lovers will love their Dunn River Falls, which is very family friendly. They also have Turtle River Falls and Gardens.
  • If you have been wanting to go to Los Angeles, you will want to spend at least a day at Hurtington Beach. There is an awesome surf museum here. And these are also some of the most beautiful beaches in California. Also, it’s one of the friendliest beaches around.
  • Are you looking for something very relaxing and quiet? You might want to try Cannon Beach, Oregon. You won’t find any big productions here, and there is none of the usual fanfare that goes along with most beach towns. Instead, this is a great place for couples to reconnect.
  • I’ve heard a lot of great things about San Diego. Another great thing to add to the list would be La Jolla. This is a beach that has a lot of waterfront shops and restaurants. They also have some great golf.

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