More random tips

Let’s finish up looking at these random travel tips today.

  • Most the time, you can usually >get a feel for whether a certain person is is safe, whether or not you’ve ever met them before. Most people will be more than happy to help you get directions, or even recommend a restaurant.
  • But women, even if you are traveling by yourself, no, make that especially if you are traveling, do not let on that you are. And do not tell people that you are unmarried until you know them pretty well.
  • If you want to do one nice meal a day, try to do that at lunchtime rather than dinner. It will usually cost you less, and you may also want to splurge on a glass of wine or a nice dessert.
  • Another reason you might want to do your biggest meal during the middle of the day is you may want to take a siesta. That way you can stay up and take part in the evening’s entertainment options.
  • And take a minute to unpack so you know where everything is when you’re ready to hit the sack.
  • And remember to take gum or mints. You never know when you might need to freshen your breath.

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