River cruising and millennials #1


River cruising is getting more and more popular. You may be thinking, “River cruising? I’m way too young for that,” what I’m reading is that Millennials are getting into river cruises as well. Today let’s look at some reasons why.

  • These millennials absolutely love social media. They love giving their friends fomo, [and for those that don’t know, fomo means, “fear of missing out”. And what better way than to travel to to places most people never get to and post all these magnificent pictures?
  • Okay, so how exactly do they do that? River cruise boats can get in and out of places that those huge cruise ships can never get to. So river cruises explore a mix of huge cities and tiny villages.
  • Millennials love to immerse themselves in the places that they are visiting. With river cruising, most excursions come as part of the package you pay for up front, this way you can learn all about your destinations.
  • At the same time, you don’t have to go on the tours if you don’t want to. Sometimes you might just want to strike out on your own. Decide when you start out, and where you go.
  • A lot of river cruises are going to have overnights at certain ports. But if you want to stay over in a port where your cruise is not going to overnight, all you have to do is ask the staff.

We are going to get back to this discussion tomorrow.. I would love to know your thoughts.



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