River cruising and millennials #2

Okay, let’s get back to some other reasons that you, as a young adult, might enjoy a river cruise.

  • This first one may be a big one for a lot of people. Carnival, and cruises like that, might have some excellent deals, but from everything I hear, you are going to be nickel and dimed every time you turn around. Their crew expects tips. You are likely going to pay most any time you want a soda, much less an adult beverage. You may even have to pay for some of your meals. Do you want wifi? They’ll charge you. Do you want to go on the shore excursions to actually see your destinations? That will cost you more too. River cruises are going to cost you more up front, there’s no question of that. But once you are on board, pretty much you will not have to worry about money at all. All your meals will be covered, lunch and dinner usually include an adult beverage. All your excursions are included.
  • Wine tours are definitely in vogue these days. People are always wanting to tour vineyards and wineries. They also love doing wine tastings. River cruises are always doing wine tours like this. Not at all interested in wine? Vineyards are often beautiful places. Take pictures to give your friends fomo.
  • Millennials like to do things their own way. Do you have a wine you especially enjoy? Bring a bottle along with you. Find wine you love while you are doing your tours. Buy some and bring it with you. River cruises are a lot more relaxed about you having alcohol on board.
  • You might want to explore Germany for its excellent food. You are going to find great sausages here. There are also some great pretzels to be had here. And don’t get me started on the pastries. With river cruises, it is easier to get anything you want.
  • Amsterdam is a great city to explore. Do you like art? There’s a lot to be seen and enjoyed here. You will also find a lot of great bakeries and coffee houses here.

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