Traveling with kids #3

Having children can add a lot to your life. True, there is a lot you have to think about and plan for when you have children, but life is so much richer with their smiles, giggles, and funny sayings. And traveling with them is always an adventure. We can learn so much when we see things from a child’s perspective.. That is especially true when we’re traveling together. So let’s get back to tips.

  • Try to plan your flights around the time the children usually go to bed, so that they will sleep while you’re in the air. True, sometimes evening flights can be more expensive, but the peace might be worth it. You will also want to bring snacks to make sure no one goes hungry. And bring your Ipad in case someone can’t sleep.
  • If you are breastfeeding your, do some research to figure out whether it is acceptable to feed your baby in public. Some countries will frown on that. Other places will not give it a second thought.
  • You’ll also want to research questions like… Will you need visas for your desired destination? What is required, and what is recommended as far as health precautions? What kind of currency do they use, and what is the best way to obtain that?
  • Talk to your child about the trip you’re planning to take them on. Explain as much as they can possibly understand. Children love to be in the know.

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