Safety tips for women #1

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I had a time coming up with today’s topic.. But when I think about my ideal client/reader, I’m thinking of women who are busy. They are wives and mothers who are busy with that and with their own businesses. That is also my ideal person for my Facebook group If you are in that group, I would love to have you join us. Having said all that, let’s look at some travel tips specifically for women.

  • We are women, and we do like to look nice wherever we go. But we don’t need to take everything in our closets to accomplish that. Take clothes that can easily mix and match.
  • You want to keep your luggage to not weighing much, especially if you are traveling by yourself. And if you are traveling by yourself, you will want to dress on the conservative side. You do not want to give anyone the wrong idea whether you are at a restaurant or a bar.
  • Backpacks are not a good idea. You want something that you are going to keep close to your body at all times. You will also want to see it at all times.
  • You will want to look into a personal safety alarm. Do it whether you are going to do sightseeing, or just want to keep up with your morning run

Cruise etiquette #2

Everyone I know likes to be liked. And when you’re on a cruise vacation, most people I know would rather make friends they can relive the good times with than enemies. Here are some more tips that will help you make friends easier.

  • Okay, no one is going to fault you for setting your beach towel down in a chair while you take a dip in the pool. That’s what you should do.. But don’t go set your beach towel in a chair first thing in the morning if your plan is to swim a couple of hours in the afternoon.
  • Would you like it if you were going to a show that you really wanted to see, and then someone right around you had this long, in-depth conversation, making it so that you couldn’t hear the show? Then please don’t do that to the people who are around you. There are plenty of other places on the ship where you can go and talk. Leave the shows to the people that will truly enjoy them.
  • Ships are always going to have designated areas where you can smoke. Those who don’t smoke, and maybe more importantly, those who have kicked the habit, do not want to smell your smoke. Take some body spray to put on once you are finished.
  • And don’t throw anything overboard, no matter how small it is. The ocean is home to all kinds of wonderful creatures. Please don’t mess that up for them. Besides, that just looks kind of sloppy.
  • I remember when we’ve stayed in a hotel, and Mom wanted us to keep our rooms straight, even though we had maaid service coming. Again, this is just the polite thing to do. The maids have a lot of rooms to clean. Make their jobs easier.

Cruise etiquette #1

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you… This is a quote from the bible that most of us have heard all of our lives. But have you ever wondered what that might look like on a cruise ship? Today let’s look at some rules of etiquette for when we are on a cruise.

  • First, please hold the elevator door opened for the elderly or the disabled… For that matter, hold the door open for anyone getting on as you are getting off. That is just the polite thing to do.
  • And don’t jump ahead in the buffet lines. Wait until your turn comes. The crew makes sure there is plenty of food. And would you want anyone else to grab food with their hands? Then don’t do that yourself. Use the serving utensils that are put out. And if you don’t see anything, please ask.
  • “Please” and “thank you” always go a long way to make the other people feel appreciated. That goes for any staff who might be serving you. It also goes for any of your fellow passengers who might do something kind.
  • Watch how much you enjoy those adult beverages. You don’t want to be rude because you drank too much, right? And besides, drinking too much and being out on the ocean is never a good idea.

I think we are going to finish this up tomorrow. I would love to know your thoughts.

Tips on jetlag #3

We’ve said that jetlag is a real thing. Having had the privilege to go out of the country a couple of times now, I know this to be true. We’ve looked at some tips that might help you combat this, but today let’s look at some more.

  • Everyone is so busy these days. You may be to the point where you don’t care where you sit on the plane, you just want to get to your destination. The good news is that as a travel agent, I can help you take care of all those details. Just let me know what you want, and I can help you figure out the rest.
  • When you sit down on the airplane, before you turn everything onto airplane mode, turn your watch, or phone, to the time of your destination. It will help you start thinking of the right time.
  • I hated naps as a little girl, I always felt like I was missing out on something. I still can’t say I enjoy them, mostly because I can’t get to sleep during the day, I’d rather watch something. But getting some rest on the plane is always a good idea.
  • When you do want to sleep, put those devices away. Most people can get lost on their, laptop or other device. There is always something you can do. Put them away and get some actual sleep.
  • Most of what people think when it comes to alcohol and sleeping is simply not true. You do not get to sleep faster. And you do not rest better once you’ve had an adult beverage.
  • Some people have to take medication in order to sleep. But if you are not one of those people, you shouldn’t take medicine so that you can sleep on the plane. Taking something is going to mess with your sleep cycle, and you don’t want to do that.

Tips on jetlag #2

Let’s look at some more ways to combat jetlag.

  • Okay, so say you have this important business meeting overseas. This is not a meeting you want to fall asleep during. What you should do is to arrive a couple of days before the meeting so that you will be able to adjust to the time change. This will also allow you a couple of days to do some sightseeing.
  • When you fly overseas, you are going to have to change planes. Sometimes you will want to stop for a day or two to see what’s outside the airport and enjoy sometime off that plane.
  • Arriving and pretty much going straight to bed is pretty anti-climatic, and it is not going to help with your jetlag. Try to arrive in the middle of the day and enjoy some sightseeing.
  • If you are going to do a super long flight, consider getting a better are class of seat. You are going to want to be as comfortable as you can. You will also get better food.

Tips on jetlag #1

Jetlag, this is a thing that has happened because travel has become so much easier and faster. But how do you fight it? Let’s look at some tips that might help.

  • First please don’t laugh this off, this is a real thing that can not only make you tired, it can also effect your mood. Believe me, I almost never fall asleep in the middle of the day, never in my wheelchair, unless we’ve just gone overseas. Going between that many time zones at once is just crazy.
  • If you’re taking a pretty short trip, do your best to stay on your normal schedule. I know of one man who travels between the East Coast and the West a lot for business, and he manages to stay on Eastern Time. On longer trips, you may want to adjust to the time. Try not to plan much the first days.
  • Don’t assume that just because something worked well for your friend that it is going to work well for you. Everybody is different, and you will just have to figure out what works well for you and what doesn’t.
  • You may even want to start adjusting your schedule before you leave on your trip. Start eating and sleeping at the times that you will be once you are there.
  • Everyone is so busy these days, I get that.. But not getting enough rest before a trip is not going to help. No one really wants to sleep on their trip. They want to be exploring and having fun.

Making the best of travel days

Whether you are driving to your destination or flying, we know that the only thing that is truly on your mind is getting to your destination. Travel itself is a boring pain. But here are some more things you should keep in mind while you travel.

  • It is important to stay hydrated while you travel. And that means drinking a lot of water. I know those sodas are tempting, especially when you are tired, but they will not keep you hydrated, neither will coffee.
  • Your insides are not only thing that need to keep hydrated. Whether you’re in an airplane or in an air conditioned car, your skin is going to get so very dry. Keep a thing of lotion with you.
  • Move around as often as you can. When you are driving, it might be wise to stop and see some of the things that interest you. On an airplane, look for places that no one else is sitting and move around as you can. Just try not to bother anyone around you.
  • Pack healthy snacks to eat as you travel. Pack things like granola, nuts, maybe even a meat sandwich. You may want to grab those potato chips or that candy bar, but they won’t keep you satisfied.
  • Airline food can leave a lot to be desired. You are going to find a lot of microwavable dinners and things that are not necessarily good for you you. Airlines are working to try to change that. One of your best options might be the salad.


Tips to endure those long travel days #1

I should go on and tell you, I am going to be busy next week, and I might not be able to post a couple of days. We’ll have to see what happens.

Okay, let’s face it. Most people say they love to travel, but what they really mean is that they love exploring new destinations. Most people do not like the time they are in the car or in the air. But today let’s look at some tips that might enable you to pass the time more easily.

  • Bring some headphones on any trip that you make. You are going to at least to be able to listen to music. But my personal favorite is to listen to books while I’m riding. Getting lost in a good story helps erase the long miles.
  • Yes, I know you can access to plug-ins at the airports. But do you really want to fight everyone else for those? Bring extra batteries. They also have those portable chargers that you may want to look into.
  • But what if you forget to do that or put them somewhere you can’t access them? Try something a lot of people don’t think of anymore, and pull out a good old-fashioned book. They will sell those at the airport. If nothing else, it might help put you to sleep.
  • Do you have a mask that covers your eyes? Pack that. Do you have earplugs for when your husband snores? Bring those along too. Having those will help you sleep on the plane.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. You shouldn’t get sloppy in what you wear. Your fellow passengers don’t want to see the clothes you always paint in. Wear something like your favorite sweatsuit.

Romance on cruise ships

When you think of a cruise, what do you think about? Do you think of a great inexpensive trip where you can get to see more expensive places for less? Do you think of a ship where you are with thousands of other people? Do you think of a place where you can get all you want to eat? Are you dreaming of the endless activities? Or is a cruise your ideal when it comes to a romantic vacation?

Cruises will do special things for couples who are on their honeymoons, or are on other romantic vacations. Today let’s look at some different packages you might want to consider.

  • When you think of romance, you are probably thinking of quiet, intimate moments, which you would rather not share with thousands of strangers. That’s why you should consider something like Windstar. I think with Windstar, you’re looking at something like 300 guests. When you marry, or renew your vows, your captain will officiate. You will get a cake and a bottle of sparkling wine. A reception with dinner and dancing can be arranged.
  • Cunard’s ships are going to be much larger. Still, I think you can find some very nice suites on board these ships. Their romance package looks very similar to Winstar’s. Your captain will do the honors. You will get flowers and a bottle of champagne and cake. You will also get a photographer and a portrait. You will also get a special certificate.
  • Have you always dreamed of getting married on a Disney Cruise ship? You can be married on board or on their private island. Yes, I know that Disney is mostly a family affair, but they do have some great suites, and there is an adults-only pool you will want to take advantage of. You can also enjoy couples’ massages. I do have to warn you that Disney weddings are quite expensive.

Do you have a toddler? Are you about to have one? Here are some tips that might help you as you travel with them.

  • You are going to forget things when you travel. That’s just part of life. But you can turn pretty much anything into an adventure with a toddler. And if you are going to a store in another country, you had better be ready for an adventure.
  • But just because I’ve said that you are going to forget something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan. Make a list of everything you think you’ll need. And then you may want to leave half of it because you won’t need it in the end.