So why travel? #2

Everyone is so busy these days. Everyone has jobs. I know some women stay home and are primarily mothers, but even then we’ll often have side jobs we do. We’re helping our husbands in their careers. We’re getting children everywhere they need to go.. Why should we make the time to travel? Let’s continue our discussion from yesterday and talk about some more reasons to travel.

  • First, traveling more often will teach you how to pack your bags. It’s going to show
  • which things you really need to take and what you won’t really need. It will also help you pack more compactly.
  • Travel can actually become addictive. Once you go one place, you will want to go to another. You will probably want to spend some of your free time researching places that you might want to go.
  • Are you shy? Doing some traveling might break you of that. While traveling, you are going to have to communicate with other people to figure out where you are going and what you are doing. Sometimes words will be completely unnecessary, although a lot of people do speak English in other places of the world.
  • Who knows? Maybe your travels will inspire you to pick up a new hobby. Maybe the beauty of a place will help you get into photography. Or maybe you see something that you want to let the world know about through writing.

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