More about frequent flyer miles

Let’s get back to our discussion on frequent flyer miles and how to get the most out of some of these programs.

  • To start off, we are going to look at AwardWallet. This program helps you keep track of all your points and when they expire. This program support most other reward program. If you want to get serious about this game, this is definitely something to look into.
  • If you are part of an airline loyalty program and are looking for ways to earn more points, some credit cards will allow you to transfer points from their program to your airline program.
  • A lot of the major credit cards are going to give you frequent flyer miles or the equivalent. Often they will give you a lot of bonuses when you first get their card. Others may reward you after your first year with them.
  • And you may think that if you sign up for one credit card with a lot of sign up bonuses, that your spouse can’t sign up for the same card and receive the same rewards. That is simply not true.

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