Etiquette in the air #2

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It’s been a crazy day. I’m kind of checking into some different things. But let’s get back to our discussion about what NOT to do on an airplane

  • . Personally I think drinking adult beverages gives everyone bad breath. And there is only so much distance you can put between you and your fellow passengers. I know having one drink may be tempting, but drinking also never helps with jetllag, so just don’t do it.
  • And please try to get any messes you make cleaned up as soon as you can. Again, there is only so much room you have to yourself. People have to step over each other to get to the bathroom and things like that. Please keep messes to yourself.
  • Do you want other people sprawling all over your little space? Don’t do that to other people then. I know that it’s hard to get comfortable. But everyone is in the same predicament. Sometimes you can get an extra seat, or even a complete row, to yourself. That is nice.
  • Do not recline your seat. That is just rude to the the person behind you. They shouldn’t make seats that recline on airplane. They’ll just bother you when they need to get up anyway.

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