Making the best of travel days

Whether you are driving to your destination or flying, we know that the only thing that is truly on your mind is getting to your destination. Travel itself is a boring pain. But here are some more things you should keep in mind while you travel.

  • It is important to stay hydrated while you travel. And that means drinking a lot of water. I know those sodas are tempting, especially when you are tired, but they will not keep you hydrated, neither will coffee.
  • Your insides are not only thing that need to keep hydrated. Whether you’re in an airplane or in an air conditioned car, your skin is going to get so very dry. Keep a thing of lotion with you.
  • Move around as often as you can. When you are driving, it might be wise to stop and see some of the things that interest you. On an airplane, look for places that no one else is sitting and move around as you can. Just try not to bother anyone around you.
  • Pack healthy snacks to eat as you travel. Pack things like granola, nuts, maybe even a meat sandwich. You may want to grab those potato chips or that candy bar, but they won’t keep you satisfied.
  • Airline food can leave a lot to be desired. You are going to find a lot of microwavable dinners and things that are not necessarily good for you you. Airlines are working to try to change that. One of your best options might be the salad.


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