Cruise etiquette #2

Everyone I know likes to be liked. And when you’re on a cruise vacation, most people I know would rather make friends they can relive the good times with than enemies. Here are some more tips that will help you make friends easier.

  • Okay, no one is going to fault you for setting your beach towel down in a chair while you take a dip in the pool. That’s what you should do.. But don’t go set your beach towel in a chair first thing in the morning if your plan is to swim a couple of hours in the afternoon.
  • Would you like it if you were going to a show that you really wanted to see, and then someone right around you had this long, in-depth conversation, making it so that you couldn’t hear the show? Then please don’t do that to the people who are around you. There are plenty of other places on the ship where you can go and talk. Leave the shows to the people that will truly enjoy them.
  • Ships are always going to have designated areas where you can smoke. Those who don’t smoke, and maybe more importantly, those who have kicked the habit, do not want to smell your smoke. Take some body spray to put on once you are finished.
  • And don’t throw anything overboard, no matter how small it is. The ocean is home to all kinds of wonderful creatures. Please don’t mess that up for them. Besides, that just looks kind of sloppy.
  • I remember when we’ve stayed in a hotel, and Mom wanted us to keep our rooms straight, even though we had maaid service coming. Again, this is just the polite thing to do. The maids have a lot of rooms to clean. Make their jobs easier.

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