Safety tips for women #1

I do not think that I will be on tomorrow, and I am not sure about Friday and Saturday either. We will just have to wait and see.

I had a time coming up with today’s topic.. But when I think about my ideal client/reader, I’m thinking of women who are busy. They are wives and mothers who are busy with that and with their own businesses. That is also my ideal person for my Facebook group If you are in that group, I would love to have you join us. Having said all that, let’s look at some travel tips specifically for women.

  • We are women, and we do like to look nice wherever we go. But we don’t need to take everything in our closets to accomplish that. Take clothes that can easily mix and match.
  • You want to keep your luggage to not weighing much, especially if you are traveling by yourself. And if you are traveling by yourself, you will want to dress on the conservative side. You do not want to give anyone the wrong idea whether you are at a restaurant or a bar.
  • Backpacks are not a good idea. You want something that you are going to keep close to your body at all times. You will also want to see it at all times.
  • You will want to look into a personal safety alarm. Do it whether you are going to do sightseeing, or just want to keep up with your morning run

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