Saving on holiday travel #2

Okay, so gifts are just one expense you are going to face during the holidays. There is also the special food everyone wants to have during the holiday season. You might be expected to do some entertaining during this time. You may need to get some new clothes. You may even feel the need to update your home decor for the parties you may be having. With all of that, saving on travel sounds good, doesn’t it?

  • First, consider getting an airline credit card. We’ve talked about that here [how to ]  and here [More about frequent flyer miles]. Basically these cards will help you rack up a lot of airline miles which can be used for all kinds of perks. And with all of the bonuses you’ll get when you sign up, you may be surprised by how far you can get.
  • You can also get hotel credit cards which work much the same as the above. And you can rack up points and get all kinds of nice things. Earn enough points, and you might get a free stay.
  • Holidays are great times to reconnect with those you love. Plan a trip where you stay with family and friends, at least part of the time. Staying with someone you love is going to save you a ton of money on lodging. Treat them to a nice meal or two in exchange.
  • Are you willing to travel on the holiday? Everyone else wants to be at their destination on the holiday, so you are going to get an excellent deal.

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