Tips for traveling with kids #1

Laughter is good medicine for the soul, and laughter should be part of any trip, especially a family vacation. Today we are going to look at some tips for your next family vacation.

  • Young children believe that their parents know everything, maybe especially when it comes to travel. Explain everything you can about the airport security process. Tell your children which parent is going to help them through the security line and all that. Answer their questions as best you can.
  • When my siblings and I were growing up it was rare that my Mom wasn’t carrying some kind of snack with us. You need to bring snacks whenever you travel. Bring healthy snacks. You don’t want fill them up on sugary treats. that will lead to meltdowns which will not be good for anyone.
  • You’re a parent, you know that little people have to go more frequently than adults. Factor that in to the schedule if you are going to be driving. If you’re flying, try to get your own row.

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