Plan a girls’ trip #2

Let’s get back to our discussion on how to plan the perfect girls’ geaway.

  • Let’s be honest, some of us are meticulous planners. When it comes to vacations, we like to do our research and plan every second of our trip, making sure we have everything we could ever need others of us don’t want to really plan anything. We just want to let things happen however they will. You know you and your group better. You will know what will work best.
  • It is inevitable that when a group of ladies gets together, one of the things that everyone wants to do is to sit around and talk. After all, part of the reason that you’re getting together is that you want to catch up. If you’re looking for a rental property, make sure you’re looking for a large room that has plenty of comfortable places to sit.
  • However, you will want to plan a few activities. Go shopping. Take one evening to get dressed up and go out to eat. Maybe everyone wants to go see a play one evening.. Plan things that will give you a feel for your destination.
  • And please let me know if my help planning a trip. I would be more than happy to help.

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