Why cruise #1

I know some people absolutely love winter. But it can get old when you need to be inside all the time, doing the same things day after day. Today let’s look at some reasons you might want to take a cruise this winter.

  • One thing many people love about cruises is that pretty much all cruises are all inclusive. And that means that you are going to get your room on board, your food and drinks, and a lot of your entertainment for one price. Pay up front, and you will not have to worry about money while you are on the ship.
  • Cruises can be cheap or expensive, depending on what you want. However, one thing that you will want to keep in mind is that the cheaper the cruise, the more likely they are to nickel and dime you once you are on board. Your best bet is to go with a midgrade cruise.
  • A lot of cruises are going to have children’s programs, a lot of which have very flexible hours. Do you and your husband want to do dinner and a show without the children? That can be arranged. Or maybe your children are a little older and you want to send them to the program first thing in the morning? You are free to choose when your children go to the program and when you want to enjoy family time.
  • Speaking of free, sometimes when parents cruise their children will sail free. And that can be a great money saver. This is a special cruises will offer from time to time.

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