More reasons to cruise

Have your friends tried to talk you into a cruise, but you just aren’t sure you would like it? Here are some reasons you might want to consider going.

  • First, there are a lot of ports within the United States, enough so that most people are within driving distance of a port. I’ve talked to some people that are afraid, or strongly dislike, flying. Cruising enables you to get to places you would not be able to get to driving.
  • Maybe you just want sometime away from the drudgery of cooking and cleaning for a while? On a cruise, all your meals are taken care of. You will have access to all kinds of restaurants, some which will be opened 24/7. And like most hotels, your room will be cleaned each day.
  • And since everything you need comes on board the ship, these vacations are some of the easiest to plan. You will not need to worry about your vacation. You will not need to figure out where you are staying. You will also not need to worry about how you are going to get from here to there.
  • On the higher end cruises, room service is going to come at no extra charge. Want a midnight snack of pizza or milk and cookies? They’ll be happy to oblige. Do you want to avoid the breakfast rush? It will be their pleasure.
  • Most cruises allow you to do whatever you want whenever you feel like it. Do you want to take advantage of all the activities they have to offer? You’re more than welcome to. Do you want to do nothing except sit by the pool? That is up to you too.

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