Travel tips

The holidays are coming. Everyone and his brother is going to be traveling. Today let’s look at some etiquette tips that might help make your travel a little better.

  • An airplane is not exactly public property, but it is not private property either. Ask the people behind you if it is okay if you lean your seat back. The airplane is probably not the place you want to go barefoot. They clean the airplane after every flight, but still that is just gross
  • . Be sure to lock door when you are using the bathroom. That is just the proper thing to do. Do you want someone walking in on you while you are doing your business? Also, do your best to leave the bathroom as clean as possible.
  • Sound carries well when you are in an airplane, so please speak softly. You will be were glad when others do the same. Sitting and chatting with family or friends is perfectly acceptable. But please remember that other people may be trying to work or sleep.
  • Obey the flight attendants and other personnel. They ask you to do things for your safety. Use the compartment that is above you. Wait your turn when you are getting off.

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