Still more on gifts vs planes

I’m working around everything else my family has going on. The holidays are a crazy time of year for us too. I’m almost sure Thursday is going to be my last day until after the holidays.

  • If someone is asking for one of those hoverboards for Christmas, you will save yourself a lot of pain by getting them a gift card to be used once they get home. Batteries on planes is a big headache. The security people also do not like anything motorized that you can ride.
  • Okay, technically drones can make it through. HOWEVER, be warned, different airlines are going to have different policies. And you may be dealing with different states or even countries.
  • Yes, I know that perfume and cologne are very popular gifts to be given they can be expensive, and getting that one bottle a year could really help someone out. But these are liquids, so unless you want your gift confiscated, give a gift card.

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