Even more cruises for 2019

  • Have you ever dreamed of sailing like a Viking? Okay, so maybe taking a Viking cruise isn’t what it once was. For one thing, it is going to be much more luxurious, which shouldn’t be a problem for most. Viking has done river cruises for a while, but they are starting to add ocean cruises as well.
  • Or are you dying to see the windmills and tulips of Holland? If that is what you have your heart set on, Uniworld has the cruise for you. You will be exploring Belgium and the Netherlands.. See all their natural beauty and their art museums. r
  • A cruise might be the best way to get to to places like Israel and Egypt. Your cruise people will handle all the details of getting you from place to place. Trust me, Israel’s security is tight. They may even take you to a beautiful island called Cyprus..
  • Do you want to walk in some of the places where the great apostles walked? Christian cruises are becoming more and more popular. You will also get to hear some famous bible teachers.x

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