The Caribbean #2

Okay, so the Caribbean is an absolutely beautiful, what do you do there? That is what we are going to look at today.

  • Let’s start with looking at what’s available in the Cayman Islands. Grand Cayman has Stingray City where you and your family can interact with what they call “friendly stingrays”, I’m not sure what they mean by that. You should also check out the Bahamas’ Pig Beach where some adorable pigs live.
  • Jamaica’s Ochos Rios has some gorgeous waterfalls. They are called Dunn’s River Falls. And from what I hear, they are a must-see attraction. What makes these falls unique? They fall directly into the sea.
  • If you keep up with travel news at all, you know that Cuba is now opening up to the citizens of the United States. Now is the time to explore their rich history and culture.
  • You might also want to visit Puerto Rico. They are rebuilding after the storm that hit them.

Tourism is a huge industry for the Caribbean, so you are going to find a large variety of accommodations. There is everything from quaint bed and breakfasts to huge resorts. And among the resorts you will find family friendly to adults only.


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