Funny stories

Today we are going to do something a little different, because sometimes it’s good to laugh and have fun. Like everyone else, travel agents know our jobs, but sometimes other people do not have a clue.

  • Let’s start with Hawaii. Some people have asked whether they can get to Hawaii by train instead of boat or plane. Um, no, they haven’t built a railway system for Hawaii. Why would they when you can either fly or go by ship? I hear that taking a cruise is an excellent way to explore the beautiful place.
  • People have also asked whether they can get American food there in Hawaii. Do they know that Hawaii is part of the United States?
  • Another person informed their travel agent that the islands didn’t look that far apart, they would just drive between the islands. Hello, they are islands, there is water in between them.
  • Another travel agent has had a guest ask if they could have their cruise stop and pick up some of their family who lived in Virginia. Now some of the top luxury cruises might do that, but that would be unusual.
  • One luxury client decided that she wanted to give her son a dolphin for his birthday. They had a salt water pool, and money was to be no object, she didn’t see any problem with it. The poor travel agent ended up calling the woman’s husband who did put a kabash on this ridiculous request.

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