Saving on cruises #2

Let’s get back to discussing some more ways you might be able to save money on your next cruise.

  • if you are going to need to fly to get to your cruise port, you will want to look at or for some great flight deals. The prices on these sites change from day to day, so you will want to check back often.
  • I don’t know how you feel about these budget airlines. You might not be comfortable flying on the lesser known airlines, or you might be totally fine with it. If you are comfortable with it, they can save a ton of money airplane flying with them.
  • An airline credit card can save you a lot of money in the long run. Go online and find one of these credit cards. Spend money on things you have to buy day to day, and get money you can spend on travel.
  • There are exceptions to this for sure, but most the time flying during the middle of the week is going to be the least expensive. You can always find things to do in the port city. Go and have some cheap fun before your cruise even starts.

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