Tropical vacations with kids #3

Let’s keep looking at tropical vacations that would be perfect to take the kids along.

  1. And let’s start today by looking at Caribbean cruises. Caribbean cruises may be some of the most popular vacations out there. In the cruise world, the Caribbean is split into Eastern and Western. Because these are so popular you are going to find that many cruiselines off these cruises. So what are you looking for in a cruise? Do you want something that will keep your children busy the entire time? Do you want a very inexpensive cruise, or would you rather pay once and then not have to worry about money on your trip?
  2. Tulum is a city in Mexico that is pretty reasonably priced. It is also fairly accessible. You will find ancient Mayan ruins and beautiful beaches here. It is also pretty family friendly.
  3. Have your children been studying ancient Greece? You might want to give them a taste of what Greece is like now by taking them to Mykonos. This city will give you a good feel for Greek culture. Your whole family will love the cuisine. Very rich people also keep their yachts here.

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