More 5 stars

Let’s keep looking at some five star resorts you might want to go to with your sweetheart.

  • Looking for a simple romantic getaway? You might want to try St Lucia’s Sandals Regency LaToc. This is actually another five star all inclusive. They have nine restaurants you will be able to choose from. You ask, what is there to do at this place? You will find a couple of nice pools. You can also play golf. You can also enjoy their beaches. Do you want to stay in the States?
  • The Cosmopolitan is in Vegas, and is a place most people try to play in when they come to visit this city. Why not stay there? They have an excellent casino as well as some great clubs. And they are known to have stellar service. A
  • re you heading to Petra? Have you looked into staying at La Royal Hotel Ammon. They are known for their two story spa and their rotating piano in the lobby. They also have some great boutiques to shop in.

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