More inexpensive destinations

Do you have plans for spring break? Have you thought about summer vacation plans yet? Let’s look at some more destinations that can really stretch your dollar.

  • The first destination we are going to look at today is Brazil. They want more tourists to visit. That is why they have eliminated visa requirements for citizens of the United ±¸States. I hear that this is another absolutely beautiful country. You are most likely to find excellent service anywhere you go here.
  • Denmark is another very budget friendly destination. While most anyone would love to be in Copenhagen during the holiday season, that can be a really busy time. Do you want to know the perfect time to go? It is in the autumn, right after the children go back to school.
  • I hate to disappoint you, but the perfect time to go to England was right after Brexit. But now is still a good time to go. You can still get a great deal while you explore this country rich in history and culture.
  • Costa Rica is a beautiful country from everything I’ve heard. I know a couple of people who have honeymooned here. Do you like the idea of ziplining through a rainforest? Or do you want to go somewhere and just relax? Either way, you’re in for a treat in this country.

Places that will stretch your dollar

A lot of people think of travel as being very expensive, but that is simple not true. There are many places you can go that will be pretty inexpensive. Let’s start looking at some of those today.

  • And the first one we are going to look at today is Vietnam. Here your average cost each day is forty two dollars. Do you think you can beat that? Do you love history? Does eco-travel interest? Or maybe you would just like to go for the food?
  • I’m frustrated with myself because I can not think of the name of the musical. But there is a musical that is kind of set around Bali. This is an island in Asia, and it’s beautiful. There are a lot of trees and waterfalls. Anyway, your average cost per day there is at sixty two dollars.
  • I know that people keep debating about whether or not Mexico is a safe destination. From what I hear, you should be fine as long as you stay on the resorts. Anyway, if you are looking for a beautiful beach vacation, you are going to want to go to
  • Mexico.. You will also stretch your dollar here.
  • You might also want to try our neighbor at the the other end, namely Canada. From what I hear, you are going to get a taste of Europe without the expense. They have some great skiing. Foodies are going to love the interesting cuisine up there. And again, you are going to get a nice vacation at an excellent price.[


  • I think that most of the all inclusive resorts I hear about, [and believe me, writing this blog, I’m always reading about resorts and such], are outside the continental United States. But today we are going to look at an all inclusive resort in Florida. Specifically, this resort is in the Everglades. You are going to be about sixty miles from Miami. The resort is made up of 135 bungalows. This is an adults only resort, so this sounds like a great place for romance. You are going to have three restaurants you can choose from.
  • Let’s look at some other travel news. Airfare seems seems to be going down. That’s nice. But you’ve got to remember that these airlines are also adding fees. Be careful to look everything before you buy.
  • You might also want to know that things may be a bit slower at Southwest Airlines. This is because some of the unionized mechanics are working to make it that way. But the airline is listening to them and working with them to try to resolve the problems.

Packing tips

You know the type, they bring three suitcases, and have everything you could possibly think of.. If your back is saying that this is you, keep reading.

  • First, do your research. Most hotels are going to have all the towels and washcloths you will need. The same is true for soap and shampoo, sometimes they have very nice stuff. Lots of places will have laundry facilities too.
  • On clothing, you’re on vacation you don’t need to look like a million dollars everywhere you go. Take clothes that you can mix and match almost no one will notice, and no one is going to care.
  • If one thing you want to do on your vacation, take your device instead of books. Do you cook something you can watch movies on as well as read? Take that.

Get over post trip depression

We don’t want this to happen, but sometimes we feel excited to return home from a trip. Things can go wrong on vacation too, you know. You thought you had picked out a nice hotel, but it returned out to be a loud place where you could not rest. The car you rented turned out to be a clunker instead of that convertible you requested. Sometimes everything going fine, but you’re refreshed and ready to get back to real life.

But sometimes, returning from vacation can be almost painful. You absolutely loved your vacation, the the hotel was a perfect paradise. You can’t remember putting such delicious food in your mouth. And all you really want is to go there and live. You don’t want to get back to work. Here are a few things that might help.

  • First, it might be time to pick up a new hobby. You’ve been thinking that it may be time to start exercising more regularly. Maybe you want to take cooking classes. Or maybe you just want to make more time to read.
  • You may also want to make a scrapbook of your trip so you can remember all the wonderful times you had. I know I loved putting our pictures up online.
  • And it may be time to e-mail and start planning your next trip. Having something to look forward to always help. So if you’re struggling with post trip depression, e-mail me at

And more destinations

I find that sometimes when I need to get things done, sometimes it helps to do everything in a little different order today. I’m hoping it helps.

  • The first spot we are going to look at today is Dayton, Ohio. Is your family into sports? If you are, you will have heard of March Madness. Dayton is hosting the First Four. Not into sports? You might enjoy their museum about our Air Force.
  • If you have been stuck in your house a lot of the winter and want to get some fresh air, you will want to get Tulsa, Oklahoma. Did you know they have more than one hundred parks and. You are going to find it to be around 70 degrees in March and April.
  • Now I don’t know many families that would object to a vacation that revolves around chocolate. You should go to Hershey, Pennsylvania. You are going to find some great gardens. They also have a museum that tells Hershey’s story. Adults will love the chocolate themed spa treatments.
  • Are you looking for something pretty traditional? Go to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. You will find some beautiful beaches and lots of family friendly attractions. You will be able to find accommodations that will suit any taste. And there are restaurants with all kinds of foods.

More destinations

Have you made plans for your spring break yet? Have these posts I’ve been writing given you any ideas? I would love to hear about what you are doing.

  • One of my sisters-in-law spent some of her growing up years in New Mexico, so I have definitely heard of Taos before. if your family didn’t get to go skiing this winter, you might want to consider this place, because it is one of the country’s top places to ski.
  • Can’t get enough winter fun? Go to Lake Placid, New York. The Winter Olympics have been hosted here a couple of different times. You’ll find great trails to hike. And when you are tired, there are some excellent spas where you can indulge in all kinds of treatments.
  • Another place you might want to consider is Wilmigton, North Carolina. The Downtown Riverwalk is likely where you’ll want to be for the majority of your vacation. There they have some excellent restaurants, great shops and other attractions and of course, the river itself is beautiful to watch.
  • Fargo, North Dakota is no stranger to winter weather, so you will find plenty to do inside. One thing you might like is the art museum they have there. This is also a great place for craft beer lovers.

Spring destinations



I would love to hear what your dream vacation would be like? Who would you go with? What would you do? Specifically, what would you like to do when your kids go on their spring break? Let’s look at some more destinations.

  • Today we are going to start with Omaha, Nebraska. Parents, you will love the fact not that this place is very budget friendly. You will find a lot of outdoor activities that you and you’re family can enjoy together. There are also several lovely museums you may want to visit. Don’t know where to eat? Do you enjoy breakfast? If you do, you will want to try Saddle Creek Breakfast Club, where you’ll find all your diner favorites.
  • Do you live in the west? Maybe it is time to try Vegas. And yes, I am still talking about a family vacation here. You might be surprised at how inexpensive everything is. Everything is subsidized by the gambling. Spring is when they open their pools and day clubs.
  • And now we are going back to the Northeast, and we want to look at Portsmouth, New Hampshire. You probably don’t want to bring your shorts on this trip. But you will find plenty of old buildings. You will want to stroll along their pretty waterfront.
  • I have a confession, when I read Atlantic City, my first thought is of “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken”. You will find luxury hotels, and lots of great entertainment in this place. And again, summer is the time this place gets crazy busy, spring is the perfect time to go.

Spring destinations

I was looking something for my group,, and it said that Monday is one of the least productie days. I feel that way today.

  • We are going to start in Gulfport, Mississippi. I happen to have spent a couple of summers here. I know that this city is right on the water. And obviously you can get some great seafood here. I also know that it is just a few hours away from New Orleans where you will find delightful bakeries and other eat eateries in their French Quarter. Spring is a great time to enjoy Gulfport, because summer is when everyone descends.
  • Ever hear of Branson, Missouri? They have the great Silver Dollar City which is an amusement park. This place just happens to open in the middle of March to accommodate spring break travelers. Looking for more typical outdoor fun? You will want to try nearby Table Rock Lake.
  • I personally have never even heard of Whitefish, Montana, but apparently this is a big destination for those that love the great outdoors. Now you’ll still have pretty cold weather if you go in the spring, but the hiking and biking here are spectacular. And you might even catch the end of the skiing season.

Spring destinations

here do you want to go for spring break? And it is not too early to start looking at what you might want to do for your summer vacation. Let’s look at some destinations.

  • We are going to start with Martha’s vineyard in Massachusetts. This is a very popular destination spot during the summer months, but in spring it is fairly quiet. You will want to look at their lighthouse, and they also have a great carousel. You will also find some great chowder.
  • Okay, so what is there to do in Michigan? Everyone is thawing out up there after the the long winter, and Traverse City is the place that everyone wants to be. They have a lot of trails where people can hike. They also have some nice wineries.
  • In Minnesota, it is possible to get snow in the early days of spring. That may appeal to some of us who live in the South. The city of Duluth has the Aerial Lift Bridge, which is our country’s first transporter bridge. You will also find some nice parks to enjoy great outdoors.