More destinations

Let’s keep looking at some places you might want to take a look at when you plan your next trip.

  • And let’s start with Valletta, which is the largest city in the small European country of Malta. This might just be your favorite place to visit in Europe.. And this is especially true if you love visiting palaces, cathedrals and museums. They also have some wonderful food and wine.
  • If you are just getting started in travel, you might want to start with a relatively safe place. Consider Toronto which is part of the country right above us. They have some really cozy places to stay. Remember that it can get quite cold up there. They also have some great places to eat.
  • Have you always wanted to get to Ireland? If you are going to visit this country, you will for sure want to get to Dublin. I’ve heard that this place is especially green. I am not sure whether that is true in winter. But I do know that you are going to find some great pubs any time you do go.
  • Ancestry travel is getting to be huge business. So is your family from Denmark? You will want to get to Copenhagen. You will want to cruise their canal. You will also want to visit their Trivoli Gardens and tour their palaces. But you will also want to just stroll around this city as it is one of the friendliest cities in the world.
  • Or how about visiting Christchurch? It is in New Zealand so you will want to allow yourself plenty of time to enjoy this place. I know that the Lord of the Rings movies were made here. You can also explore some great caves.

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