I would love to help you plan your next trip. So please let me know if somewhere I’m talking about catches your eye.

  • The first place we are going to at today is Montego Bay which is in Jamaica. Not only does this place have some great resorts, you will also be close to both Ochos Rios and Negril. All three places have gorgeous beaches. You will also be near Dunn’s River’s Falls.
  • I am a Christian and know Islam to be a false religion. But I do have friends who have studied Islam in order to witness to Muslims. I’ve said all that to say that Doha might be a fascinating place for someone interested in that culture. They have the Museum of Islamic Art which is built on its own island. You may also want to watch their train horses.
  • I know that a lot of cruises make stops in Nassau. But what is there to do? First, there are some of the most beautiful beaches you’ve ever seen. They have a fascinating conservation program you might want to take a look at. And they also have some great nightclubs for your evening’s entertainment.
  • Are you interested in the Apartheid? You should check out Johannesburg. Mandela’s house is a must, and so is the Apartheid’s museum. They also have some fantastic zooes, hello, this is Africa. And they have some great dining options as well.


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