Why we Americans travel

Okay, we’re always talking about travel on this blog. And we’ve talked about how many of us Americans do not travel. Or maybe I should say that many Americans are not taking long trips, because they don’t want to leave their jobs only to come back and find that their boss has decided that they are no longer necessary. But today, let’s look at some reasons why Americans do travel.

  • First of all, we want to have some great experiences to tell about. Maybe we want some new story to share around the Sunday dinner table. Or maybe we want some new material for water cooler discussions.
  • We also want to impress people with the places we’ve been. We may even want to make them a friends a little jealous as they scroll through our Facebook or Instagram posts.
  • We may even decides to go somewhere because someone we know has been to that place, and we really like what we see. We want to see our faces in those places.
  • We also want our share of adventure. A lot of us are even willing to take some risks in order to achieve that.

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