Why cruise?

Yesterday we were talking about why we Americans are traveling these days.. We talk about cruising a lot this blog. But today let’s start taking a look at why people cruise.

  • Okay, yeah, in the olden days, cruises were all about over indulgence. Cruise ships had all of these buffets, and part of what “getting your money’s worth” meant was eating until you were sick. And while you can still do that, cruises are likely to always have buffets, cruises look at popular trends that are taking place. They know that staying fit is important to a lot of us. They are going to have healthy alternatives, and a lot of them are going to cater to special diets like gluten-free. Ships are also going to have fitness centers where you can work out. They will also have personal trainers that will be available for you.
  • Do you and your kids love being other places, but hate the actual travel itself? That is another beautiful thing about cruises. You can be on your ship, enjoying yourselves in any number of ways, while the ship takes you to your destinations. This way you will not be stuck in cramped quarters while you go from here to there. Most ships travel by night which is an added bonus.
  • On cruises you will usually go to several destinations on the same trip. But you will be staying in the same room your whole trip. Put your clothes away where you want them, and they’ll stay there your whole trip.

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