More spring break destinations


Have you deciding where you want to go on spring break this year? We are going to take a look at some more options for you.

  • And speaking of options, when it comes to spring break, Florida has a lot of options for you. There is Tampa, orlando, and do not forget Panama City Beach. But today we are going to look at the Destin/Emerald Coast area. This is your typical beach area. Emerald Coast is farther from the beach. You are going to find a lot of cute little shops and some nice restaurants. Destin has more of the glitz and glamour. They have the amusement park rides and the big shopping centers.
  • While we usually think of beaches as for the young, or the young at heart, Savannah, Georgia seems to be for the more mature. You are going to find beautiful weather here in late March and April. You will also love their huge selection of restaurants where you can find everything from comfort food to barbecue or seafood.
  • And now we come to Hawaii, and the city we are going to look at here is Kailua. This is Hawaii, you are going to find some amazing beaches. This city is near honolulu, so you can go enjoy all the action you want and return to the peaceful town at night.
  • Idaho has this great town called Sun valley. This is a ski reesort town, but in the spring time it is pretty quiet. This is a great place to camp. Or you might want to stay in a tree house or yacht.

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