Spring destinations



I would love to hear what your dream vacation would be like? Who would you go with? What would you do? Specifically, what would you like to do when your kids go on their spring break? Let’s look at some more destinations.

  • Today we are going to start with Omaha, Nebraska. Parents, you will love the fact not that this place is very budget friendly. You will find a lot of outdoor activities that you and you’re family can enjoy together. There are also several lovely museums you may want to visit. Don’t know where to eat? Do you enjoy breakfast? If you do, you will want to try Saddle Creek Breakfast Club, where you’ll find all your diner favorites.
  • Do you live in the west? Maybe it is time to try Vegas. And yes, I am still talking about a family vacation here. You might be surprised at how inexpensive everything is. Everything is subsidized by the gambling. Spring is when they open their pools and day clubs.
  • And now we are going back to the Northeast, and we want to look at Portsmouth, New Hampshire. You probably don’t want to bring your shorts on this trip. But you will find plenty of old buildings. You will want to stroll along their pretty waterfront.
  • I have a confession, when I read Atlantic City, my first thought is of “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken”. You will find luxury hotels, and lots of great entertainment in this place. And again, summer is the time this place gets crazy busy, spring is the perfect time to go.

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