More destinations

Have you made plans for your spring break yet? Have these posts I’ve been writing given you any ideas? I would love to hear about what you are doing.

  • One of my sisters-in-law spent some of her growing up years in New Mexico, so I have definitely heard of Taos before. if your family didn’t get to go skiing this winter, you might want to consider this place, because it is one of the country’s top places to ski.
  • Can’t get enough winter fun? Go to Lake Placid, New York. The Winter Olympics have been hosted here a couple of different times. You’ll find great trails to hike. And when you are tired, there are some excellent spas where you can indulge in all kinds of treatments.
  • Another place you might want to consider is Wilmigton, North Carolina. The Downtown Riverwalk is likely where you’ll want to be for the majority of your vacation. There they have some excellent restaurants, great shops and other attractions and of course, the river itself is beautiful to watch.
  • Fargo, North Dakota is no stranger to winter weather, so you will find plenty to do inside. One thing you might like is the art museum they have there. This is also a great place for craft beer lovers.

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