• I think that most of the all inclusive resorts I hear about, [and believe me, writing this blog, I’m always reading about resorts and such], are outside the continental United States. But today we are going to look at an all inclusive resort in Florida. Specifically, this resort is in the Everglades. You are going to be about sixty miles from Miami. The resort is made up of 135 bungalows. This is an adults only resort, so this sounds like a great place for romance. You are going to have three restaurants you can choose from.
  • Let’s look at some other travel news. Airfare seems seems to be going down. That’s nice. But you’ve got to remember that these airlines are also adding fees. Be careful to look everything before you buy.
  • You might also want to know that things may be a bit slower at Southwest Airlines. This is because some of the unionized mechanics are working to make it that way. But the airline is listening to them and working with them to try to resolve the problems.

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