More inexpensive destinations

Do you have plans for spring break? Have you thought about summer vacation plans yet? Let’s look at some more destinations that can really stretch your dollar.

  • The first destination we are going to look at today is Brazil. They want more tourists to visit. That is why they have eliminated visa requirements for citizens of the United ±¸States. I hear that this is another absolutely beautiful country. You are most likely to find excellent service anywhere you go here.
  • Denmark is another very budget friendly destination. While most anyone would love to be in Copenhagen during the holiday season, that can be a really busy time. Do you want to know the perfect time to go? It is in the autumn, right after the children go back to school.
  • I hate to disappoint you, but the perfect time to go to England was right after Brexit. But now is still a good time to go. You can still get a great deal while you explore this country rich in history and culture.
  • Costa Rica is a beautiful country from everything I’ve heard. I know a couple of people who have honeymooned here. Do you like the idea of ziplining through a rainforest? Or do you want to go somewhere and just relax? Either way, you’re in for a treat in this country.

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