Recommended cities #1

Are you wanting to travel? Maybe you’ve actually been wanting to travel for a long time, but haven’t quite taken the plunge yet. Is part of problem that you don’t know where to start? I’m not sure if this will help you or not, but today we are going to look at some popular destinations. And if you are interested in letting me help you plan a trip, please let me know at

  • The first place we are going to look at is London? Do you want to see palaces where the Queen actually lives and works? Have you dreamed of seeing Big Been in person? The city also has a lot of great museums. You will also find a lot of their pubs to be interesting if you enjoy watching soccer, their football, or watching others do so.
  • And then there is Paris, which is known as the most romantic city┬áin the world. Here you are going to be able to enjoy some great art. Take a selfie at the Eifle Tower. And of course, you are going to want to try their famous cafes.
  • Do you want to go to Tokyo? You know you’ll be jetlagged anyway. Go to their fish market at three in the morning to see them haggle over the fish. Catch some of their sumo wrestling. Enjoy their fine food.
  • Do you want to get to Amsterdam? You need to see Anne Frank’s house and the museum of Van Gogh. But there is also a lot of natural beauty here too.

And even more resorts

  • Are you looking for some places to take your sweetie and dazzle her? Keep reading.
  • Do you dream of staying in a bungalow that is over the water? To do just that, go to Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort and Private Island. The the water these things are over is absolutely incredible. There are still several pools and a beach for when you want to be around other people. Their restaurants are all inclusive. This place often attracts older couples.
  • If you want to get to Madrid, you might want to try to get to Hotel Miguel Angel by BlueBay. This is a boutique resort that offers great service. This is a beautiful place to relax in with some really nice gardens. Many of the locals frequent the gardens in the warmer months as well.
  • Everyone who has been to Cancun seems to love it. Interested in trying it out? Consider going to La Blanc Spa Resort Cancun, which is in the Cancun Hotel Zone. This is another adults only property. You will have butler service. There will also be attendants at their pools to wait on you.

More resorts

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How are you going to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Is it going to be a romantic dinner with flowers? Or are you going to take your sweetheart away for a few days?

  • Have you always dreamed of going to the Bahamas? Consider going to Sandals Emerald Bay Golf, Tennis and Spa Resort. This five star is for adults only, so you won’t have to worry about children disturbing you. It is a huge place covered in luxurious pools, an excellent spa, an eighteen hole golf course. You will also enjoy their spacious roomMoreover
  • Sanctuary Cap Cana by Playa Hotels and Resorts is designed to make you feel like you’re in some kind of castle. This is another adults only property. You will find several lovely pools, a great beach, golf as well as several nice restaurants.