Even more destinations

Are you looking for an inexpensive vacation? Did you know that in some countries you can get a lot of bang for your buck? Let’s look at some of those.

  • To start, you’ve heard that Europe was pretty expensive? Consider going to the czech Republic. Even if you are going to their capital city of Prague, you will be spending a lot less than if you were to go to other places in Europe. You should spend about a hundred dollars a day here.
  • Another European destination you might want to consider is Austria? Ever heard of the Sound of Music? You are going to find a lot of World War II history here. You should be able to spend just a little over a hundred dollars a day here.
  • Croatia is a hot destination right now. As popular as this place is, it is very likely not to remain inexpensive. You should probably go before they start hiking the prices up. Many people love Thai food these days. Are you and your family among those? You will be pleased to know that Thailand is another inexpensive destination. Here you are going to be able to ride elephants. They have beautiful beaches. I also hear that they give great, inexpensive massages..
  • We’ve talked about Japan recently while we were discussing the safest places. It is also relatively inexpensive. And this is especially true if you take public transportation.

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