Staycation #1

Staycations, most of us have heard of these. They are growing in popularity. Maybe you have not made plans for when your children are going to be on their spring break. And obviously these kind of vacations have the potential to save you a lot of money. But maybe you don’t really need to save money. Today we are going to look at things you can do in order to plan a staycation, whether or not your main objective is to save money.

  • If you need to stay around your home for reasons besides saving money, you might even consider getting a hotel. Hotels can be fun, especially if they have a pool. It is a chance to enjoy having a maid, and this may also give you the excuse to eat out more. Hotels also tend to be in the center of things.
  • An alternative to staying in a hotel? Trade houses with friends. Do you want to know an even better idea? Do the whole staycation with friends. That will make it more interesting for everyone.
  • Is yours a family who usually cooks at home? Or do you usually eat out? Even for families who eat out often, trying new restaurants or trying new things at the restaurants can be fun.
  • Or cooking together can be a lot of fun. Make things that everyone likes. Try new recipes. Mix things up and do dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. I think we are going to talk about this more on Monday.

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