Staycation #2

It is kind of a different Monday, and I have some different things going on later on. Hopefully we can get through this.

I apologize, I kind of feel like I left you hanging on Saturday. I was tired. We’ve talked about where to stay and how to eat on your staycation, but exactly what do you do?

  • First of all, you do those things that you always say you are going to do, but never get around to. Is there a museum that has opened up that you’ve been wanting to get to? Does your city have a community theater that you think would love to watch them do a play? Are your children always begging you to go to the mall, but you never get around to it??
  • Inexpensive alternatives? Take your are children to the park? Have a movie night. Maybe make pizza and let your children pick a movie. Maybe let everyone camp out in the living room. Do a big scavenger hunt.
  • Are there some museums and historical sites you want to visit. Maybe you want to go to this huge outlet mall, but never feel like you have time to go and truly enjoy yourself?
  • People are doing a lot of traveling for food. Are some restaurants you want to try? Maybe they are in a part of town where you don’t usually go to. Are there places around the restaurants you want to visit?

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