Multi generational travel #2

Let’s get back to our discussion about planning a multi generational.

  • The first big question is, when will everyone be available to take this trip? This can be a tricky question because everyone is so busy these days. A lot of people tend to slow down through the summer months.. Might that work for you and your family? The other time almost everyone seems to take time off for sure is around Christmas.
  • And where do you want to go on this trip? Is there a place where your family used to go? Is there a place that has always been on everyone’s bucket list?
  • Might you want to try a cruise? Cruises have a lot of choices of activities, and that usually works well when your party has a large variety of ages and interests.
  • You might also want to consider an all inclusive resort. Again you are going to find a lot of different activities. And you will also know how much everything is going to cost up front.

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