Traveling cheap


First, I want to share a link,, this is my first paid published article. I am going to be looking for more opportunities like this.

Today let’s look at some tips to travel on the cheap.

  • First, who needs an expensive hotel room? You are not going to be in that room much anyway. You can get a pretty clean room pretty inexpensively. Looking on those websites like Expedia will give you a lot of options. You will also be able to read reviews of the hotel to make sure other people enjoyed it.
  • And when should you book your flights? Experts say that you should book them about two months before leave. If you are able, book your flights on Tuesday. That is usually the least inexpensive day to fly.
  • Cities are always going to have things you can do for free. You just have to go online and figure out what is available. Are there free museums in the area? Might you be able to catch a free play or concert while you are there?
  • Does your family love the great outdoors? Consider visiting a state park. You will find plenty of things to do outside at these parks. You will also usually find nice places to camp. Usually they’re pretty inexpensive, but be careful about that. Some of the most popular parks can get expensive.
  • Are you traveling to celebrate a special occasion? Don’t be shy. Let your hotel and the different restaurants you eat at know that you are celebrating. Who knows what they might give you for free.

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