About cruises

You’re always reading about cruises, on this blog and other places, but should you really go on one? Would you enjoy it? What is there to do? Read on to find out some cruise basics.

  • You might think of cruises as vacations that are mostly for the retired rich. You would be surprised to know that the cruise industry has opened up to all kinds of people, including lots of families. A lot of cruises have different themes, and you will be able to choose according to your interests.
  • You may be wondering how much cash you will need to bring on your cruise. And the answer to that is, hopefully not much. The hope is that once you pay for your cruise, you won’t need much more once you are on board. A good rule of thumb is, the higher grade of cruise you go on, the less they’ll want you to pay during your cruise. You will also usually have “on board credit”, and you will be able to purchase things you need with that.
  • Okay, so what about tipping? They will make that easy for you. They will add a certain amount to your on board credit, and will give it to your servers once your cruise is over. If your service is poor and you want to give less, just let them know.. If you have exceptional service and want to tip more, let them know that as well.

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