Women’s tours

I’ve read somewhere this past week that you need to take three vacations, and I’m hoping they mean take these three vacations each year, or at least every other year. But anyway, what they were saying is that you should take one vacation just for yourself, one vacation with your husband, and one vacation as a family. It is that first type of vacation that we are going to discuss today..

A lot of women who are traveling by themselves still want to be in a group of some kind. As women are growing more interested in traveling by themselves, companies are putting more of these type trips together.

  • Are you looking to put some adventure into your life? Maybe your family just isn’t into that kind of thing. You might want to try Wild Women Expeditions. They have a wide variety of trips you can take pretty much anywhere in the world. Women ofall backgrounds are welcomed. I
  • f you have always wanted to go to to the Middle East, you should look into Intrrepid Women’s Expeditions. Your guides will all be women on these tours. And you will be going to places like India, Nepal, and Turkey.

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