Traveling cheap


First, I want to share a link,, this is my first paid published article. I am going to be looking for more opportunities like this.

Today let’s look at some tips to travel on the cheap.

  • First, who needs an expensive hotel room? You are not going to be in that room much anyway. You can get a pretty clean room pretty inexpensively. Looking on those websites like Expedia will give you a lot of options. You will also be able to read reviews of the hotel to make sure other people enjoyed it.
  • And when should you book your flights? Experts say that you should book them about two months before leave. If you are able, book your flights on Tuesday. That is usually the least inexpensive day to fly.
  • Cities are always going to have things you can do for free. You just have to go online and figure out what is available. Are there free museums in the area? Might you be able to catch a free play or concert while you are there?
  • Does your family love the great outdoors? Consider visiting a state park. You will find plenty of things to do outside at these parks. You will also usually find nice places to camp. Usually they’re pretty inexpensive, but be careful about that. Some of the most popular parks can get expensive.
  • Are you traveling to celebrate a special occasion? Don’t be shy. Let your hotel and the different restaurants you eat at know that you are celebrating. Who knows what they might give you for free.

Even more about Disney cruises

It worked out that I took a long weekend. Even that has left me feeling pretty energized. Let’s get back to our discussion of Disney cruises.

  • You should always have a camera with you. Disney characters need to take vacations too, you know? You are going to see plenty of characters aboard each ship. Have your camera ready just in case.
  • Many children love to swim, and Disney knows that. Can you imagine a place where you can swim and watch Disney movies at the same time? That sounds like a child’s dream come true. You can do just that on Disney cruises. Little ones will also enjoy Disney themed splash pads. And don’t forget the water slides.
  • Every time Disney does a cruise, the whole crew gathers in the lobby of their theater to trade pins. This is a great way to get to know your fellow guests and crew alike.
  • Around the theater, you are going to find all kinds of shops. In these shops, you will find pins, tshirts, mugs, and things on like that. Disney Vacation Club members get a discount.
  • Like most cruises these days, you can do Do you want to learn everything you can about Disney, take part in all the parties and everything? That is perfectly fine. Do you want to just hang out by the pools the whole time? They will have no problems with that either.

Would you like help planning your next Disney cruise? I would love to help you figure everything out. Please just let me know.

Disney cruises #3

we are going to get back to our discussion about Disney cruises.

  • What do you do when you get tired of all the swimming and running around? Why don’t you go to the theater for a movie? Disney does have a theater on all of their ships. And they play all of Disney’s latest movies.
  • If you have been to the Disney parks, you may well remember Mckkey’s Premium Bars. While you will not be able order these delights from room service, you will be able to get them aboard the ships.
  • You are going to get exactly what you want for dinner each night. Do you want two appetizers and two entrees? That will be no problem. Did your kid order something you’ve just got to have to? Your wish is their pleasure.
  • With all of this food, you might want a little exercise. Disney holds a 5k on its private island which is called Castaway Cay.
  • You will be able to partake in a delicious adult beverage while you are on this island, and the drink will be called the Kook Kooler. Lunch on the island will be beach barbecue.

More on Disney cruises #2

We are going to get back to our discussion on Disney cruises.

  • I know we’ve already talked some about things you should not forget to bring along. But are you going to bring your costumes? Disney cruises have themed days. It might be Star Wars, or it might be Marvel, or it could be another theme. Dressing up is not required, but it is part of the fun, so why not?
  • Even Disney knows that sometimes adults want to have fun by themselves from time to time. They have pools that are just for adults. You will also have an entertainment district that will close to all those under eighteen at nine in the evening.
  • Inside the Cove Cafe, an adults only coffee bar, you will find sweet snacks morning and evening. The sweetest part? The snacks don’t cost you anything more. However, they do charge for the coffee, so you will want to keep that in mind.
  • But they also have spaces just for for children, as you might imagine. I mean who wants to be around their parents all the time? Disney has an excellent children’s club. Your children will love it because everything revolves around Disney.

Get ready for a Disney cruise #1

I’m not certain what the next few days are going to be like. I may be without internet for some of the time. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

Today we are going to start taking a look at some things you need to know when you you set out on one of the most popular cruises around, a Disney cruise.

  • Of course, you know to pack the essentials, things like bathing suits, sunscreen, and don’t forget your shades. But you are also want to take a refillable cup for each member of your party, so that you will not spend half your time looking for the water fountains. You might also want to take a few magnetic hooks so that you can hang up wet things. All the walls of your room will be magnetic.
  • This is a Disney cruise. You are going to want to meet some of your favorite characters. Go on and book the meet and greets before you leave on your cruise. You will be glad that you did.
  • You will also want to book your adults-only dining experiences before you are to leave. You have three nice options to choose from.
  • Speaking of adult things, I’m not sure if they have adult beverages on board. However, I do know that you can bring an unopened bottle of wine or six beers with you.
  • On a Disney cruise, your waitstaff is going to take the time to get to know you you and your family. And they will follow you each evening of your cruise.

Make your holiday cruse even more festive

I know it is not nearly Christmas time, but holiday cruises are getting more and more popular. And if you and your family are even considering taking a cruise as your holiday vacation, you’ll want to start your planning now. Here are some tips that are going to help you to make your holiday cruise even more festive.

  • Okay, let’s get real here. A Christmas cruise may be wonderful. But a lot of us have those holiday decorations that it is just not Christmas unless you can see those. Maybe they are from your parents or your grandparents. Don’t go without. Bring them with you.
  • Christmas is all about being lazy with the people you love most. Be sure to bring those pajamas you’ll want to hang out in most the morning. Many cruises don’t charge any extra when you order room service, so have your morning feast in your room.
  • I know that some people don’t consider it true celebration unless there is some kind of bubbly involved. Each guest is allowed to bring one bottle of adult beverage aboard. So make sure that get packed.
  • It is Christmas. Make sure not to forget to bring your gifts to exchange. It is not like someone is going to come in the night and bring all your gifts for you.
  • Bring a little gift for someone on your crew. It will be sure to brighten their day.

Multi generational travel #2

Let’s get back to our discussion about planning a multi generational.

  • The first big question is, when will everyone be available to take this trip? This can be a tricky question because everyone is so busy these days. A lot of people tend to slow down through the summer months.. Might that work for you and your family? The other time almost everyone seems to take time off for sure is around Christmas.
  • And where do you want to go on this trip? Is there a place where your family used to go? Is there a place that has always been on everyone’s bucket list?
  • Might you want to try a cruise? Cruises have a lot of choices of activities, and that usually works well when your party has a large variety of ages and interests.
  • You might also want to consider an all inclusive resort. Again you are going to find a lot of different activities. And you will also know how much everything is going to cost up front.

Multi generational travel

You have just been given some great news. Your extended family wants to take a trip together. This will be a trip with your parents, your husband and children, and your siblings and their families. Who knows, some of you might bring along friends as well. This is going to be a large group of the people you love most, you are really looking forward to it. But how are you going to plan this?

  • Let’s start looking at this today. First, please allow me to help you do this. We travel agents receive commissions when we book hotels, car rentals, cruises and things like that. Speaking for myself, I charge nothing over and above that.
  • One of the first things I’ll want to do is to create a Facebook group where everyone involved will discuss what they want out of this trip. I will need to know about any special needs anyone in your group has. Is anyone on a special diet? Does anyone need something special in order to sleep? I’ll need to know those type of things up front please.
  • But there does need to be just one person making the decisions. Sometimes grandparents decide to pay for the whole family. Obviously when they do that, they get to make the final call on everything.

Even more ways to save

Let’s look at some more ways you can save on your next cruise.

  • Just because you are looking for ways to save money doesn’t mean you have to go without a few luxuries. And yes, here I’m talking about those magical spa treatments. Waiting until the very last minute is going to save you a pretty good bit of money. Wait until you are on board for your cruise.
  • Do you want to know a secret? You are probably not going to be in your room more than to sleep and to change. There is always something you can do. So there is no need to worry about whether or not your room has a view.
  • Doing this is going to cost you some time, but may well be worth the effort. Book your own excursions as opposed to booking them through the cruiseline. I may be able to help you with that.
  • Or you might not want to book any excursions at all. You will find plenty to do on the ship. You will also likely be able to do some free things at the different destinations.
  • Cruises are going to take their pictures and try to get you to buy their photo packages. Take your own pictures and make a scrapbook once you get home. Making use of the internet is going to cost you. Do you really need it? A cruise is as good a time as any to step away from the internet and all of its demands and just relax.

More money saving tips

Are you looking for ways to save on your next cruise? Read on for some more tips.

  • Yesterday we ended by talking about how expensive wine and other adult beverages can be on board. Unfortunately, adult beverages are not the only drinks you have to be careful about. The first thing you need to do is to make sure you know what drinks are covered in the cruise fare. All inclusive means different things to different people. Trust me on this.
  • Just because you are wanting to stay on budget does not mean you should go hungry on your cruise. Most cruises are going to have buffets that are open for you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The exception to that would be your high-end cruises, which you aren’t going on anyway.
  • You are going to want to take a look at those drink packages, and just see whether you want to buy one of those or not. Can you drink that much? Maybe a better question is, should you? A cruise is not the time you want to get drunk. You are on a boat, in the middle of the ocean. Think about it..
  • And sign up for the e-mails from the different cruiselines. You never know when you might find a spectacular deal.