Traveling with autistic children

Everything is more difficult when you or someone you love has special needs. Trust me, I know. A family has to consider the needs of the disabled person all the time. We don’t get to take breaks from this. I would love it if we could. Sadly a lot of families who have a disabled person do not feel like they can take trips. And while part of me can understand that feeling, these families need breaks too, maybe even moreso than other families.. On Wednesday we were talking mostly about mobility issues, today we are going to focus on the Autism Spectrum.

  • My first tip is to be wise where you go on vacation and how you get there. For one thing, a lot of autistic people have sensory issue. A lot of people who have no issues can get overwhelmed at airports or those amusement parks. Those are probably places you will want to avoid. Do your research.
  • You do not want to book your hotel, only to find out you have gotten the noisiest room at hotel. Talk to the hotel people about what you are going to need. Better yet, talk to me about what you will need, and I can do the research for you.
  • If you do feel like your child can handle an amusement park, talk to them about it. Tell them what you will be doing. You might want to do things like practicing standing in line and waiting on your turn.
  • And be sure to let them know what your schedule is going to be. Write it down and explain each part to them. Or if they are really little, draw pictures so they will understand.

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